We offer state of the art non-laser tattoo removal. The TattOff procedure is an all-color tattoo removal system. A much more effective system than laser removal, this procedure uses a proprietary solution added to microneedling to produce an effective removal of all ink colors without causing the ink to be dispersed back into the body. Rather, the ink is drawn up into a scab produced by the removal process. When the scab falls off, so does the pigment of the unwanted tattoo.

It requires fewer treatments and is much less painful than laser treatments, and is less expensive due to the reduced amount of treatments, plus will not damage your natural skin pigment.

Unlike laser treatments that break down pigment (that can contain heavy metals) and deposit it into critical organs of the body, our procedure uses the body’s natural healing process to expel the pigment through the skin.

Remove Unwanted Tattoos

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