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Our team is comprised of professionals and is dedicated to providing you with state of the art procedures safely, effectively and competitively priced. Our pricing is determined on individual needs and are based on specially designed programs for each client.

Nevaeh, LLC in Utah

Turn back the hands of time

Experience our European ambiance, our personalized service, amazing  products and services at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves in giving you the ultimate wellness treatments with the latest technology. Our personnel are licensed and educated in their area of expertise to give the safest, most effective treatments.

We have a Nurse Practitioner on staff, as well as a licensed Master Aesthetician.

Our prices are based on individual need and specifically designed programs for each client.

We offer numerous specials throughout the year and gift certificates are available for purchase.

In addition to our many laser and facial enhancement procedures, weight loss programs, hormone replacement and permanent cosmetics, we also offer the most effective facial products on the market to help turn back the hands of time.


About Sandy Peters – ACNP-BC, FNP – Medical Director








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Sandy Peters went to the University of Utah for her master’s degree in Acute Care and is a board certified Nurse Practitioner. She then continued her education and received a second master’s degree in Family Practice. Her background is Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Trauma, Wound Care, Pain Management and Oncology. She is also a nurse with the United States Army, teaches the trauma nursing course and intensive care medicine to deploying soldiers. She spent 14 months on an overseas deployment where she cared for soldiers with extensive injuries from the current war effort. As a nurse practitioner, she can provide medical services independently and owns/operates Nevaeh, LLC. In addition, she is the Command Deputy Surgeon for the 76th Operational Response Command, United States Army Reserve.

Sandy has been interested in aesthetics and skin care for a very long time. Her time spent in the war heightened her interest in providing services that make people feel better about themselves. She has a desire to provide affordable services to enhance the appearance of her clients and takes her reward in their excitement in the outcome of their treatments. She has been able to visit numerous spas in Europe and has employed much of the ambiance of these facilities into her medical spa. She has had extensive training in laser treatments, facial rejuvenation, weight loss and hormone replacement and provides individualized consultations and treatment recommendations for her clients. Nevaeh provides a relaxed, comfortable spa-like experience with the added benefit of being treated by medical professionals trained in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, facial injectable and laser treatments, plus Master Estheticians extensively trained in skin care procedures and laser treatments.


About Kayla Scerbo – Master Esthetician 


Kayla Scerbo graduated from Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare in Salt Lake City. She has been a Licensed Master Esthetician since 2009 and a Licensed Skincare Instructor since 2010. Kayla is extensively trained in skincare procedures and laser treatments. She loves helping her clients achieve healthy and beautiful skin and toned bodies through a variety of treatments and procedures available at Nevaeh, LLC.

Start your skincare journey today by making an appointment with Kayla!









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