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We have numerous medical weight loss programs including prescriptive programs. These programs in combination with diet modification, could lead to significant weight loss. Our prescriptive programs will help you attain your goal with appetite suppression and a combination of foods that assist in steady weight loss. We prescribe all of the popular methods. A significant number of patients are obtaining steady weight loss on our protocols. Check out more about medical info at https://www.sideeffects.com

Diet Protocol You will begin your program by scheduling an orientation consultation with our clinician to review the program. If you decide to try one of our programs, you will be required to pay in full on the first day of your treatment. During your first appointment, you will receive instructions on the foods and calories you can consume and hands-on training for giving yourself the injections, medication or your food/calorie modification diet. Lab work may be required. If you have significant health problems, you will be required to have clearance from your primary care physician to participate in some of our protocols.

We help modify the dieter’s relationship with food and eating, helping them maintain long term weight loss. It is necessary for a licensed medical professional to review your history and prescribe the appropriate medication or diet modification. This customized protocol made just for you will help you decrease body size and maintain long term weight loss.

We have placed hundreds of people on our diet protocols with amazing success. This is due to our extensive knowledge of numerous diet therapies in combination with the expertise of our medical staff in coaching our patients to their ultimate weight loss goals.

We use pharmaceutical grade medication which is ONLY available from Nurse Practitioners and Medical Doctors by prescription. Do not be fooled by internet or “street” medications which are homeopathic versions of medications, are not safe, and will mostly likely make your diet protocol unsuccessful. Homeopathic versions will not reset the hypothalamus, nor work in the same manner as FDA approved medications. The medication must be given at a therapeutic, prescription dosage. Also, do not accept prefilled syringes of medications as they are illegal and may not be pharmaceutical grade or may be contaminated. Make sure you are seen by a medical practitioner who can thoroughly assess your medical history and handle any side effects that may arise from any weight loss medication.

You can trust that our staff has your safety and your weight loss goals as our top priority. You are seen by a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who will assess your health history and determine if it is safe for you to be on diet therapy. You will then be given instruction your specific diet plan as well as detailed information on how your body functions and why your particular protocol diet works. We follow you through the diet, then give instructions on transition to a healthy diet to keep the weight off. If we determine that medication management  is not the correct therapy for your weight loss goals, we have numerous other diet regimens that may fit your needs.

If you have a serious medical condition that is currently being followed by a practitioner, we will ask that you have clearance from that provider to start any weight loss protocol.

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